Friday April 25th 2014

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Poverty and Asceticism

Vol. 2 No. 4 (2014)

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Joanna Demers

Introduction,  pp. 4-6



Topics in Aesthetics

Renata Camargo Sá

John Constable’s Moving Cloudspp. 8-22




Jennifer Stob        

The Paradigms of Nicolas Bourriaud: Situationists as Vanishing Point pp. 23-54



Poverty and Asceticism

David W. Janzen

Collision:  Poverty/Line: Aesthetic and Political Subjects in Santiago Sierra’s “Line” Photographs,  pp. 56-65




Martin Thomas

Schopenhauer, Beckett, and the Impoverishment of Knowledgepp. 66-91




James Harvey-Davitt

Collision:   “Non-Film”:  A Dialogue between Rancière and Panahi on Asceticism as a Political Aesthetic, pp. 92-98




Mandy-Suzanne Wong

Reading:  Aesthetics, Ownership, and Form of Life in Agamben’s The Highest Poverty, pp. 99-107




Aesthetic Histories

Vol. 2 No. 3 (2013)

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Mandy-Suzanne Wong

Introduction,  pp. 4-6




Prudence Gibson

Collision: The House on the Hill: Art Experience and Fictionspp. 7-14




Jason Hoelscher

Autopoietic Art Systems and Aesthetics Swarms: Notes on Polyphonic Purity and Algorithmic Emergence pp. 15-39




Sarah Snyder

Art and  the Possibility of Metaphysics: Theodor Adorno on Tragedy as the Origin of Aesthetic Autonomy,  pp. 40-52




Joanna Demers

Reading: The Novelty of Looking Back: Simon Reynolds’ Retromaniapp. 53-57




Theodore Gracyk

Music, Indiscernible Counterparts, and Danto on Transfiguration, pp. 58-86





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