Vol. 4 No. 1 (2015) Retrospective 1

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Looking back at 10 issues of Evental Aesthetics. 

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Mandy-Suzanne Wong and Heather Kettenis

Introduction (pp. 1-7) 


Angela Hume

(Rescuing) Hegel’s Magical Thinking (pp. 8-31)


S. D. Chrostowska

Collision:  A Collision of Gargoyles (pp. 32-42)


Jason Hoelscher

Autopoietic Art Systems and Aesthetic Swarms:  Notes on Polyphonic Purity and Algorithmic Emergence (pp. 42-61)


David W. Janzen

Collision:  Poverty/Line:  Aesthetic and Political Subjects in Santiago Sierra’s “Line” Photographs (pp. 63-70)


Jane Bennett

Encounters with an Art-Thing (pp. 71-87)


Jane Forsey

Collision:  The Puzzle of Chardin (pp. 88-97)


Sarah Marshall

“One Must Imagine What One Denies”:  How Sartre Imagines the Imaginary (pp. 96-116)