Juljan Krause – critical theory, social philosophy, philosophy of science, science & technology studies


Editorial Board

  • Adam Andrzejewski – everyday aesthetics, artification, popular culture, TV series
  • Michael Austin – sound art, contemporary music, video game aesthetics
  • Rowan Bailey – art history, sculpture, continental philosophy
  • Sandy Baldwin – literary theory, new media theory
  • Timothy Barker – media philosophy, time, process philosophy, digital culture
  • Stanley Bates – literature, aesthetics, ethics
  • Matthias Benzer – sociological theory, social theory, cultural theory
  • Paul Boshears – comparative philosophy (esp. Chinese and Continental philosophies), social thought
  • Iain Campbell – modern and contemporary French and German philosophy, history of philosophy, sound studies, experimental music, contemporary art theory
  • John Carvalho – critical theory, aesthetics, film, jazz
  • David Cecchetto – new media theory, musicology, sound art
  • Kris Coffield – object-oriented ontology, politics
  • Ryan Crawford – critical theory, continental philosophy, aesthetics and literature
  • Paola Crespi – critical theory, media philosophy, performance studies
  • James Currie – musicology, postmodernism, politics
  • Richard Deming – philosophy and literature, visual culture, poetics
  • William Desmond – Hegelian aesthetics, ethics, theology, metaphysics
  • Merridawn Duckler – art, ethics, religion, Levinas studies
  • Frances Dyson – technocultural theory, new media, film, sound studies
  • Nina Sun Eidsheim – experimental music, voice, multisensory approaches
  • Anke Finger – media studies, literature, visual arts, sensory perception
  • Robert Fink – popular music, minimalism, postmodernism
  • Sandy Florian – prose poetics, literary criticism
  • Jane Forsey philosophy of art, Kantian aesthetics, the everyday, design, the ugly
  • Catherine Gander literature, image-text relations, poetics, ethics
  • Dustin Garlitz – philosophies of music, culture & aesthetics, aesthetics of music
  • Gerad Gentry – philosophy of art, aesthetics of Kant and Hegel, German Romanticism
  • Prudence Gibson – speculative and creative writing, object-oriented ontology
  • David Goldblatt – Wittgenstein, Nietzsche, architecture, popular music
  • Rebecca Gould – literature, rhetorical theory, politics
  • Cécile Guédon – comparative literature, high modernism
  • Jay Hetrick – continental aesthetics, biopolitics, 20th-century art
  • Eleni Ikoniadou – media and cultural studies, aesthetic experience
  • Nevena Ivanova – philosophy of technology, media aesthetics, biophilosophy, cybernetics
  • Phil Jenkins – philosophy of music, literature, visual art
  • Hagi Kenaan – continental philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of art, image theory, urban space, photography
  • Ashton Kingdon – criminology, extremism, radicalisation and Artificial Intelligence
  • Gray Kochhar-Lindgren – continental philosophy, literature, urban studies, performance art
  • Bruce J. Krajewski – continental philosophy, film & philosophy, literature & philosophy
  • Akos Krassoy – continental aesthetics, phenomenology, philosophy of literature & film, ethics
  • Adrián Kvokačka – history and theory of aesthetics, Kantian aesthetics, applied aesthetics, French aesthetics
  • Jo Letke – speculative realism, photography, chemistry
  • Jonathan Lewis – analytic philosophy, scientific practice, aesthetics of music, philosophy of science
  • Natasha Lushetich – intermedia, the role of sensory experience in cultural knowledge, biopolitics and performativity, continental philosophy
  • James Camien McGuiggan – philosophy of music, R. G. Collingwood, metaphilosophy
  • Jason Miller – Hegelian aesthetics, visual art
  • Julia Oswald – art history, image theory, visual art
  • Marius A. Pascale – moral psychology, philosophy of horror, applied ethics
  • Kenneth Reinhard – critical theory, comparative literature
  • Summer Renault-Steele – aesthetics and feminism, politics, visual culture
  • Judith Rodenbeck – art history, intermedia, avant-garde art
  • Matthew Rowe – artwork ontology, contemporary artistic practice, authorship, aesthetics, ethics
  • Yuriko Saito – philosophy, everyday aesthetics, Japanese aesthetics
  • Rhonda Siu – aesthetics of music, continental philosophy, embodiment, affect, intersubjectivity
  • Zoltan Somhegyi – 18th-19th century art history and theory, contemporary art, esp. in the MENASA regions
  • Alan Sondheim – poetry, philosophy of computer art
  • Rossie Terzieva-Artemis – English literature, literary theory, continental philosophy, psychoanalytic theory
  • Taliesin Thomas – art theory, continental philosophy, contemporary Chinese art, contemplative practice
  • Cristina Travanini – phenomenology, value theory, object theory, intersections of philosophy, art, and science
  • Temenuga Trifonova – cinema, visual culture, aesthetic theory
  • Cornelia Tsakiridou – Christian aesthetics, Orthodox theology, photography
  • Rossen Ventzislavov architecture, pop music, literature, pluralism
  • Courtney Weida – visual art, education, ceramics, gender studies, book art
  • Joseph Westfall – Kierkegaard, literature, film, history of philosophy
  • Daniel Wilson – analytic philosophy of art, history of aesthetics, non-Western aesthetics
  • Mandy-Suzanne Wong – literature, sound, de-anthropocentrism
  • Ioannis Xenakis – philosophy of cognition and interaction (embodied cognition, enactivism, interactivism), experimental aesthetics, neuroaesthetics
  • Toby Young – aesthetics, music, cultural theory, creativity


Team of Copy-Editors

  • Jack Booth – media theory, new materialism, aesthetics
  • Benjamin Costello – applied moral philosophy, mental health, social and public policy
  • Alice C. Helliwell – Artificial Intelligence and computational creativity, philosophy of mind, aesthetics
  • David G. Hughes – film, psychoanalysis, aesthetics
  • Alexandre Leskanich – philosophy of history, politics, critical and cultural theory
  • Robert Marinov – continental philosophy, media and political communication, aesthetics and ideology
  • James Camien McGuiggan – philosophy of music, R. G. Collingwood, metaphilosophy
  • Adam Woods – philosophy and/as/of literature, Wittgenstein, critical theory


Layout Editor and Production Manager

Caroline Hanke – modern art, photography


Brand Communication and Visual Identity Consultant 

Ting-Kai Chang


Assistant Editors

Gascia Ouzounian – experimental music, sound art, intermedia

Mandy-Suzanne Wong – literature, sound, de-anthropocentrism


Founding Editors-in-Chief

Mandy-Suzanne Wong – literature, sound, de-anthropocentrism

Heather Kettenis – digital art, photography, medicine