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About the Journal:

Evental Aesthetics is an international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to philosophical perspectives on aesthetic practices and experiences. Publishing about three issues a year, the journal is devoted to philosophical questions concerning every form of art as well as aesthetic matters from beyond the artworld. We welcome perspectives from every philosophical tradition, experimental and creative approaches, and authors from every discipline.

This publication is entirely independent: we are unaffiliated with any institution, therefore unimpeded by political or financial agendas. As a non-profit organization, we operate completely without funding or advertising.

All submissions undergo rigorous, anonymous peer review by members of the Editorial Board. Articles selected for publication incur absolutely no fees: we do not charge a penny to our authors or readers.

Why “Evental” Aesthetics? An event, an occurrence, is an alteration to the current situation. That which is evental instigates change. We believe that aesthetic ideas can lead to changes in, at the very least, points of view.

Accessing the Journal:

Evental Aesthetics is an open-access publication. All our content is available for free in pdf format.  Reading the journal requires a pdf reader. Freeware options include Bullzip and Adobe Reader.

EA Online:

All releases of Evental Aesthetics appear in full on, Scribd, and, as well as on our homepage, which means that our authors’ ideas are freely available to readers, students, scholars, thinkers, and teachers all over the world.

EA is also searchable via PhilPapers and EBSCO databases. These may require institutional logins, but you can search our site for free!


We encourage librarians to list Evental Aesthetics among their journal holdings and/or electronic resources.

If you choose to do so, please let us know at eventalaesthetics at gmail dot com.


Is there a philosophical question, aesthetic theory, artist, or artwork that you think might make a suitable topic for Evental Aesthetics? Email your suggestions to the Editors at eventalaesthetics at gmail dot com.

Thank you for your interest in Evental Aesthetics.