It is the policy of Evental Aesthetics not to require authors to transfer copyrights of their works to the journal.  We ask the following:

  • that authors submit for consideration with Evental Aesthetics only materials that are not simultaneously undergoing review for publication elsewhere;
  • that authors submit only material that has not been previously published elsewhere;
  • that authors submit only material that has not been accepted for publication elsewhere;
  • that authors submit only their own work (plagiarized materials are unacceptable);
  • that by agreeing to publish in Evental Aesthetics, authors commit to letting their published work remain on our website permanently;
  • that if an author chooses to reuse material from an article or Collision which has been published with Evental Aesthetics, the author will cite Evental Aesthetics in the later publication even if the article or Collision in question is the author’s own work.

If we find that an author who has published or been accepted to publish with Evental Aesthetics has violated the terms of this policy, we reserve the right to remove the work from the Evental Aesthetics website and publication catalog.

We suggest that authors consider assigning a Creative Commons license to their publications with Evental Aesthetics, which would allow authors considerable freedom in specifying the uses in which their work is viewed, disseminated, and used.

Linking to Online Content:

We encourage all authors to supplement their articles or Collisions with appropriate web-based images or sounds by providing hyperlinks to such materials (e.g., including the web address that will take a reader to an image, but not the image itself, in the body of an article).  However, not all online content falls into the public domain as it is designated by intellectual property laws.  Copyright restrictions may apply to any online materials.  For this reason, any authors wishing to reproduce online content in his or her article or Collision (for example, to paste an image into the body of an article) must obtain written permission to do so from the creators of the online content, submit proof that the content falls into the public domain (marked “all rights granted”), or submit proof that the content holds a Creative Commons license.

More information about copyright restrictions for web content is available from the United States Copyright Office.  Information about Creative Commons and the public domain is available on the Creative Commons site.  If you are uncertain regarding whether or not you need permission to reproduce or link to online content in your article, it is best to err on the side of caution and obtain written permission.  While Evental Aesthetics charges no fees to its authors, other organizations may require payment in return for permission to reproduce their copyrighted content.  Such fees are the responsibility not of Evental Aesthetics or its Editors but of the author who wishes to use the content in question.  Said fees are payable directly to the owners of the rights to the content.

With any questions regarding copyright, permissions, or any of our other stipulations, contact the Editors.