Reviews & Editing

Double-blind peer review:

Authors of articles and Collisions must remove their names and affiliations from submission materials.  Reviewers’ names and affiliations will remain anonymous.  Authors will receive email confirmation upon receipt of their submissions.  The Editorial Board aims to complete the review process within 12 weeks of receipt of any submission.

Members of the Editorial Board are encouraged to submit their work.  Articles and Collisions submitted by Board members undergo the same double-blind peer-review process described here.


We practice active editing, which means that prior to any publication, our reviewers, editors, copyeditors, and layout editor go the extra mile to help authors make their work the best that it can be.  Authors of accepted submissions will be required to reread their work multiple times and make corrections.  EA’s editorial team is therefore not responsible for any errors in any author’s text or reference list.


Each submission is vetted by the Editors before it is sent for peer review and again after reviewers submit their recommendations.  Submissions that are plainly unsuitable for Evental Aesthetics will not be sent for peer review but declined with a form letter.  A submission will be considered unsuitable if:

1) It does not meet the journal’s submission requirements as posted in our Style Guide or is submitted after the posted deadline

2) It is clearly an unedited conference paper, which does not meet either of this journal’s length requirements as posted in the Style Guide

3) It makes little or no attempt at philosophical questioning or aesthetic engagement, which constitute this journal’s stated purview, or it lies too far outside the interests of our readership (e.g. descriptive memoir without philosophical analysis is unlikely to be accepted)

4) It has not been carefully edited and/or is full of typos, grammatical errors, spelling errors, etc., which are unsuitable for a professional readership

5) It contains remarks that the Editors deem offensive, implying racism, sexism, discrimination against LGBTQ perspectives, xenophobia, and so on

6) It is based on blatant misconceptions due to a dearth of research (e.g.: Aristotle believed in Jesus, fascism is harmony, etc.).

Authors are responsible for ensuring that their submissions observe all mandatory requirements.  Submissions that do not meet said requirements or violate our copyright policy will not be considered for publication or sent for peer review. Decisions to publish are made at the Editors’ discretion. The team will not enter into negotiations about editorial decisions.