Word count: 1,000-2,500


  • Abstract: 250 words max, not included in overall word count.
  • Keywords: about 5 suitable search terms.
  • Footnotes and reference list: included in word count.  See Style Guide for formatting instructions.
  • Formatting must conform to the journal’s house style.
  • Images and external hyperlinks are encouraged, but copyright restrictions must be observed.

The Collision is a high-impact, provocative, short-essay form invented by the editors of Evental Aesthetics.  A Collision is an encounter that is also a point of departure – but it is not an entire journey.  The purpose of a Collision is to ask and inspire questions.

Collisions introduce the philosophical questions provoked by aesthetic experiences, raising issues for discussion but not necessarily enacting the discussion in full.  Such an encounter can take many forms and tones, so we allow authors a great deal of license with regard to writing style, scope, and subject.  But when a Collision is submitted in response to a themed CFP, the essay’s relevance to the theme should be clear.  In addition, the inquiry should be targeted, focused, and precise as well as compelling and provocative.  Readers should be given a clear launching point from which pursuant philosophical inquiries may take flight.  It is not enough to simply touch on a question: to Collide with something is to do much more than brush against it.  Collisions illuminate convincing argumentative and interpretive perspectives, and this entails at least beginning to delve into detailed thinking as well as highlighting pathways for future thought.

Collisions should be prepared to the standards of peer review.  Regardless of its tone and subject, a published Collision will consist of thoughtful, high-quality writing.  Quotations must be accurately cited in endnotes and reference lists.