Book Collisions


Word count: 1,000-2,500


  • Proposal prior to submission: 500 words.
  • Formatting must conform to the journal’s house style.

A section of the journal, entitled “Reading,” will be devoted to Collisions with non-fictional books (although discussions of books as art-objects should be submitted as Collisions).  Unlike traditional book reviews, these pieces will consist not of chapter-by-chapter summaries and enumerations of the strengths and weaknesses evident in new books but of creative and critical responses to the books’ ideas regardless of their age.  We challenge prospective contributors to approach reading as a mutually affective and reflective relationship between book and reader with an eye towards using academic books as springboards for further discussion or as surprising indicators of new possibilities for thinking and aesthetic practice.  In other words, we’re looking for Collisions with academic, philosophical, and otherwise non-fictional books.  Whether or not the book in question is specifically about aesthetics, proposals for this section should be relevant to aesthetics.

Proposal Requirements:

  • Word count: 500 max.
  • Name the book you plan to discuss.
  • Describe the ways in which you plan to engage with the book.
  • Demonstrate how the book and your proposed approach are relevant to EA’s themes and audiences.
  • Send your proposal in the body of an email or as a .doc/.docx attachment to the Editors: eventalaesthetics at gmail dot com.

The submission process for this section differs from that pertaining to article and Collision submissions.  Proposals are not peer reviewed but individually considered by the Editors.  Authors of successful proposals will be invited to submit 1,000-2,500-word essays based on their proposals.  An invitation to submit is not a guarantee of publication.  Publication of completed essays will be at the discretion of the Editors.